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NodeConf Oslo 2016

June 4th, 2016. Oslo, Norway.

Official website: oslo.nodeconf.com

The Church and the Bizarre World of NPM by Matthew Podwysocki

Tiny messages for big architectures by Yoshua Wuyts

Deploying & Running Node.js to Production in 2016 by Luke Bond

Live Coding Tessel 2: Hello World to Web-controlled Device in 20 Minutes by Kelsey Breseman

Node on the Desktop by Evan Morikawa

Happier Test Driven Development with testdouble.js by Justin Searls

That escalated quickly! Prototyping IoT with JavaScript by Eirik Morland

Instrumenting Node.js in Production by Thomas Watson

Thunder and lightning: the making of a future friendly yr.no by Alexander Pope

Test Everything: My life as well tested code by Jane Kim