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Web Rebels 2016

June 2nd - 3rd, 2016. Oslo, Norway. Official website: webrebels.org

How Long On That Ticket? - Proven Recipes That Enhance Collaboration by Juan Pablo Buriticá & Patricia Realini

Radical Modularity by Aria Stewart

JavaScript testing obstacles by Daniel Maslowski

Progressive Web Apps: a love story by Nolan Lawson

Real time front-end alchemy by Soledad Penadés

Audible Code by Stian Veum Møllersen

How to Stop Hating Your Tests by Justin Searls

Bytes, URLs, and origins by Anne van Kesteren

10 PRINT THEREMIN by Mathieu 'p01' Henri

HTTP/2 explained by Daniel Stenberg

Surveying the landscape: threats and opportunities for the web by Peter Gasston

Towards better apps: the what & why of progressive web apps by Andreas Bovens

DevTools for the Progressive Web by Kenneth Auchenberg

Putting the Chrome Dino game on a 16MHz microcontroller with nothing but Web Technologies by Szmozsánszky István

The eternal struggle: Node.js in embedded devices by Jon McKay

That's So Metal! - Mechanical Words Through the Ages by Mariko Kosaka

Mentoring by Lydia Kats

Breaking the Fourth Wall With JavaScript by Mikael Brevik

Elm can make you a better JavaScript developer by Jamison Dance

Unleash the Distributed Web by David Dias

Change the World With the Peer Web and Thali by Matthew Podwysocki