Optimizing Webpack bundles by Maciek Pękala

AI and Cognitive Computing by Erik David Johnson

How we replaced our Drupal CMS with 589 lines of JavaScript by Allan Ebdrup

Creating an intelligent Facebook bot by Kevin Simper

Fresh Off the P2P Factory by Mathias Buus

Introduction to automated refactoring with JS codemods by Kenneth Skovhus

Recompose - a walkthrough by example by Stephen White

Intro to Functional Programming by Jean-Louis Giordano

JavaScript is Everywhere (Part 2) by Ruth John

JavaScript is Everywhere (Part 1) by Ruth John

Babel Plugins: More than just ES2016 by Mark Wubben

Everybody Lies by Niels Leenheer

Seamless client side JavaScript with webpack by Jack Franklin

Squaring the Sphere by Rob Bateman

Reinventing the Wheel by Dylan Schiemann

Discussing Prototypes with the Terminator by Christoph Gockel

I Pledge My Allegiance by Jonathan Fielding

JavaScript is not the enemy by Christian Heilmann

Debugging Node.js Performance Issues in Production by Thomas Watson

Replacing flash PDF reader with React & WebGL by Anders Hellerup

Anders shares what the Issuu team learned from rebuilding their old PDF document reader.

React, redux, one-way data flow but what about immutability? by Henrik Andersson

Lessons learnt designing qvitoo.com's system with ReactJS and Redux by Henrik Feldt

Intro to accessibility - how many are affected and how? by Anne Thyme

Why accessibility really matters by Lars Sørensen

Tips and tools for creating accessible websites by Lars Sørensen

What's your favorite npm module?

We interviewed some awesome people at Nodevember and Node.js Interactive and asked them what their favorite npm module is. Here are their answers.

Tiny messages for big architectures by Yoshua Wuyts

Thunder and lightning: the making of a future friendly yr.no by Alexander Pope

Deploying & Running Node.js to Production in 2016 by Luke Bond

Test Everything: My life as well tested code by Jane Kim

That escalated quickly! Prototyping IoT with JavaScript by Eirik Morland

Happier Test Driven Development with testdouble.js by Justin Searls

Node on the Desktop by Evan Morikawa

The Church and the Bizarre World of NPM by Matthew Podwysocki

Live Coding Tessel 2: Hello World to Web-controlled Device in 20 Minutes by Kelsey Breseman

Instrumenting Node.js in Production by Thomas Watson

The eternal struggle: Node.js in embedded devices by Jon McKay

Progressive Web Apps: a love story by Nolan Lawson

Putting the Chrome Dino game on a 16MHz microcontroller with nothing but Web Technologies by Szmozsánszky István

Radical Modularity by Aria Stewart

Real time front-end alchemy by Soledad Penadés

Audible Code by Stian Veum Møllersen

Mentoring by Lydia Kats

Towards better apps: the what & why of progressive web apps by Andreas Bovens

Surveying the landscape: threats and opportunities for the web by Peter Gasston

Elm can make you a better JavaScript developer by Jamison Dance

10 PRINT THEREMIN by Mathieu 'p01' Henri

Unleash the Distributed Web by David Dias

Breaking the Fourth Wall With JavaScript by Mikael Brevik

How to Stop Hating Your Tests by Justin Searls

That's So Metal! - Mechanical Words Through the Ages by Mariko Kosaka

JavaScript testing obstacles by Daniel Maslowski

Bytes, URLs, and origins by Anne van Kesteren

Change the World With the Peer Web and Thali by Matthew Podwysocki

DevTools for the Progressive Web by Kenneth Auchenberg

HTTP/2 explained by Daniel Stenberg

How Long On That Ticket? - Proven Recipes That Enhance Collaboration by Juan Pablo Buriticá & Patricia Realini

A Creative Approach to SVG by Aga Naplocha

Alice in Web Animations API Land by Rachel Nabors

Revolutionize your page: Real art direction on the web by Jen Simmons

Raiders of the Lost Transforms by Eva Ferreira

Mad Science with CSS by Liam Campbell

Why CSS was invented by Håkon Wium Lie

Existing in the Tech Industry by Lena Reinhard

Transitioning to Sass at Scale by Dan Na

Hypermodular development by Mathias Buus

These go to eleven by Thomas Watson

Things you didn't know you could do with the Travis CI API by Mathias Meyer

Git Survival Tips: How to Undo and Recover from Your Mistakes by Tobias Günther

Opbeat talks to Lukas Ruebbelke

Opbeat talks to Kara Erickson

Opbeat talks to Mike Glukhovsky

Opbeat talks to Dan Wahlin

Opbeat talks to Miško Hevery

Opbeat talks to Pete Bacon Darwin

Opbeat talks to Jen Looper

Keynote: The Art of Programming by Erika Heidi

Learning Django, Learning French by Nicole Harris

Hermione Granger and the Wizard Information System by Lacey Williams Henschel

Let's Talk Geo: Adding the 'Where' to Your Django Project by Corryn Smith

Lightning talks, day 1

HTTP/2: why upgrading the web? by Quentin Adam

Lightning talks, day 3

Healthy Minds in a Healthy Community by Erik Romijn & Mikey Ariel

IoT with Django: From hackathon to production by Anna Schneider

To mock, or not to mock, that is the question by Ana Balica

Building A Non-Relational Backend For The ORM by Adam Alton

Beyond Web 2.0 - Django and Python in the modern web ecosystem by Russell Keith-Magee

Going with the flow with Django Admin by Maria Lowas-Rzechonek

Django Microservices Made Easy by Paul Hallett

Safe-Ish by Default: The Django Security Model and How to Make it Better by Philip James

Best practices for scaling Django by Anton Pirker

Rub-a-Dub Rubber Duck: Don’t Be Afraid to Debug! by Anna Ossowski

Lightning talks, day 2

The Power ⚡️ and Responsibility 😓 of Unicode Adoption ✨ by Katie McLaughlin

The Front-End Revolution by Claudina Sarahe

Using Django with service workers by Adrian Holovaty

Django and ReactJS: The good, the bad and the ugly by Tomáš Ehrlich

A Brief History of Channels by Andrew Godwin

How to Upgrade to the Newest and Shiniest Django by Susan Tan

Introducing Django To The Foreign World by Bashar Al-Abdulhadi

From Intern to Professional Developer: Advice on a Mid-Career Pivot by Rebecca Conley

Don't be afraid of writing migrations by Markus Holtermann

Opbeat talks to Dan Silivestru

We sat down with Dan Silivestru (@confusement), CEO and co-founder of bitHound, at Node.js Interactive to talk about how they analyse the quality and overall health of a Node.js project.

Developers are shipping more and more 3rd party code in the form of npm modules and Dan explains why it is important to care about quality and security vulnerabilities even in your dev dependencies.

Jessica Lord takes us through a few of her favorite Electron apps

Everything from Scratch vs. Libraries all the way by Franz Enzenhofer

Dr. Strangelove - or how I learned to stop worrying and love Javascript by Jakob Reiter

'I am trying to work but nothing happens!' by Alex Staenke

Exploring ES6 by Max Stoiber

Wondering what all the fuss with ES6 is about? Max Stoiber (@mxstbr), co-organizer of the React Vienna meetup, gives you a quick and simple overview. First he explains the confusion about the acronyms (ES5, ES6, ES2016 & TC39), before introducing some of his favorite new features in JavaScript.

Node.js in the Cloud by Mete Atamel

Mete Atamel, who is a dev advocate at Google for Google Cloud, discusses how to get the best out of your Node.js app on Google Cloud.

An introduction to Webpack by Kristoffer Dorph

CSS Grid Layouts by Martin Sandholt

Node.js Community Benchmarking Efforts by Gareth Ellis

Gareth Ellis, who is a runtime performance analyst at IBM and also a member of the Node.js benchmark working group, provides a brief introduction to benchmarking and performance testing, the different approaches you can take to performance testing, and what to do if you identify an aggression as well as the tools that you can use for benchmarking.

Node.js Everywhere by Mikeal Rogers

Mikeal Rogers discusses the growth of Node.js and the direction he predicts that it is heading.

Running Node.js in Production on Linux by Luke Bond

Luke Bond of YLD presents on Node.js deployment patterns.

You Don't Know npm by Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams provides tips and tricks around npm in this Node.js Live presentation. She also provides an overview of Node Together, which is an initiative to improve the diversity of the Node community by bringing people of underrepresented groups together to learn Node.js.

Writing Secure Node.js Code by Josh Emerson

In this Node.js Live presentation, Josh looks at how to mitigate risks when it comes to npm packages.

Rethinking Package Management in Node.js by Alexander Gugel

Alexander Gugel talks about rethinking package management in Node.js in this Node.js Live London presentation.

Optimising SVGs for Web Use by Andreas Larsen

Developing a multiplayer asteroids by Bence Dányi

Finding a memory leak in Node.js by Gergely Németh

How to write a P2P chat app in Node.js by Mathias Buus

Mathias Buus, (@mafintosh), Node.js hacker and writer of over 350 modules on npm, gives a live demo of how to write a P2P chat app in Node.js.

Make Printers Great Again by Thomas Watson

What are Observables and why should I care? by Randall Koutnik

Measuring performance of AngularJS apps by Kenneth Auchenberg

Our very own Kenneth Auchenberg (@auchenberg), currently Program Manager of DevTools & Remote Debugging at Microsoft, gives a detailed breakdown of how he built the AngularJS integration for Opbeat.

Opbeat talks to Max Ogden

Maxwell Ogden (@denormalize), Computer Programmer for @dat_project and Cat Photographer at instagram.com/catmapper, talked to us at Node.js Interactive 2015 about how the Dat Project is helping scientists enter the world of open source.

Creative Borrowing by Todd Gandee and Glen R. Goodwin

Painting by Functions by Earle Castledine

OMG Streams! by Pam Selle

Building BoroJS by Jed Schmidt

Transpiling in JS by Francisco Tolmasky

Multiplayer WebVR - Virtual Reality using Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard and WebRTC by Martin Naumann

Building Interactive npm Command Line Modules -- All The Things by Irina Shestak

A cartoon guide to the wilds of React data handling by Lin Clark

Building Your Own Internet of Things: How to Connect All of Your Stuff to the Interwebs by Amy Cheng

5 Years of Bacon: Every single thing I've learned since JSConf 2010 by Aaron Quint

Change the World With the Peer Web and Thali 2015 by Matthew Podwysocki

Good Tech for Hard Places: Fighting Ebola with Javascript Offline Apps by Patricia Garcia

JSConf History by Jan Lehnardt

JSConf changed my life by Charlie Robbins

Conquering Fears by Jane Kim

JavaScript the NES by Dustin Long and Andrew Reitano

Inside Chakra by Gaurav Seth and Steve Lucco

Internet of Cats by Rachel White

The toxic side of free. Or: how I lost the love for my side project by Remy Sharp

Integrating with npm: A tale of three XHRs by Tim Pettersen

Building distributed offline websites by Mathias Buus

Our good friend Mathias Buus (@mafintosh), mad science hacker and author of over 400 npm modules, gives another great live coding demo. In this talk he explains how to build “actually usable” offline websites with Node.js using LevelDB, hyperlog and WebRTC.

What the web platform can learn from Node.js by Will Binns-Smith

Will Binns-Smith (@wbinnssmith), former Atlassian developer and now Senior Software Engineer at brightweel, explains what frontend web developers can learn from the Node.js and npm ecosystem.

For example how small, focused userland modules allow you to try out new features and APIs before they end up in the browsers (or after they are removed again!).

Hunter Loftis talks about the growth of Node.js on Heroku

Opbeat talks to Mathias Buus

Opbeat talks to Laurie Voss

Laurie Voss (@seldo), CTO and co-founder of npm, Inc., sat down with us at Nodevember to talk about what it takes to run the worlds biggest package manager.

Johnny-Five live coding with Kassandra Perch

Kassandra Perch (@nodebotanist), Author of Learning JavaScript Robotics, shows us how to get a NodeBot up and running using Johnny-Five.

Opbeat talks to Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson (@getify), Head of Curriculum for @MakerSquare, shares his thoughts on writing code for humans, not for computers.

Nodevember supercut

Opbeat talks to Patrick Mueller

Patrick Mueller (@pmuellr) is the official cat herder of the Node.js Tracing Working Group and Senior Node Engineer at NodeSource. We met up with him at the Nodevember conference in Nashville, Tennessee and talked about debugging Node.js applications and the work carried out by the Node.js Tracing Working Group.

Don't Go Packer in Anger by Andrew Hardie

Docker, Kubernetes and the Home Office by Billie Thompson

Billie Thompson (@PurpleBooth), Contracting Software Developer at the UK Home Office, gives a run through of deployment with Kubernetes, and discusses how the UK Home Office implements a culture of reuse within the DevOps team.

Opbeat talks to Lynn Root

Lynn Root (@roguelynn), Spotify engineer and PyLadies SF founder, had a chat with us about how she got started with Django and her open source Python package, RAMLfications.

Frankie Dintino shares his love of the Django admin

Opbeat talks to Tracy Osborn

Tracy Osborn (@limedaring), Hello Web App author, shares how she got into programming, her success on Kickstarter, and what to expect from her new book Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts, coming in December 2015.

Replacing Travis-CI with Jenkins and Docker. Sort of.. by Jonas Pfenniger

Jonas Pfenniger (@zimbatm), Platform Engineer at Pusher.com, talks about how he built a replacement for Travis CI using Jenkins and Docker in a new project called cide. If you like using Travis CI for open source projects but want something similar for private repositories, watch the talk and see how they solved the challenge.

Expressions by Josh Smeaton

Django CMS & ORM by Iacopo Spalletti

Keynote by Russell Keith-Magee

Django Admin by Ola Sitarska

Django security by Florian Apolloner

Twisted & Django by Amber Brown

Documentation systems by Eric Holscher

Static files in Django by James Aylett

HTTP in Django by Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Running a cloud-based developer platform by Nikolai Onken

Nikolai Onken (@nonken), VP of Engineering at Cloud9, talks about his teams experiences of working in the cloud, iterating towards better processes, and scaling the incident response workflow with Slack bots.

This talk was recorded at our devops masterclass event co-hosted with Cloud9 at the WeWork office in Amsterdam.

Opbeat talks to Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Jacob Kaplan-Moss (@jacobian), Django contributor and Director of Security at Heroku, talks with us about managing continuous deployment at Heroku, how they use intrusion detection systems to keep things safe in house, and shares tips on ways that smaller teams can improve their security processes.

Opbeat talks to Lincoln Loop

Founder of Lincoln Loop, Peter Baumgartner (@ipmb), talks about their stack and shares his 3 top tips for optimizing Django applications. Filmed at Pycon in Montreal, with bonus background juggling from Yann Malet (@gwadeloop).

Opbeat talks to James Cammarata

James Cammarata (@thejimic), Director of Core Engineering at Ansible, talks with us about the early days of Ansible and why both developers and ops departments love it.

Opbeat talks to Andrew Godwin

Andrew Godwin (@andrewgodwin), Django Core Contributor & Eventbrite Engineer, talks about building a Heroku for Python, migrating from MySQL to PostgreSQL without downtime, and what Kickstarter can do for the Django community.

The evolution of a startup stack by Siavash Ghorbani

Siavash Ghorbani, CTO & co-founder of Tictail, explains the evolution of the Tictail stack, and walks us through the technical decisions behind scaling a 4-person startup to an ecommerce platform that hosts over 70,000 ecommerce stores.

Building failure resistant architecture with HAProxy & Consul by William Tisäter

William Tisäter, Head of Infrastructure at Tictail, shows how to build a failure resistant architecture with HAProxy and Consul.

Google-Scale Computing for the People by Joonas Bergius

You shipped it, you fix it by Ron Cohen

How we scaled Instagram by Mike Krieger

Mike Krieger, co-founder of Instagram, talks about their tech setup, how they scaled from one server in LA, to AWS and ultimately Facebook’s own infrastructure.

Incident response at Heroku by Michael Friis

Michael Friis, product manager at Heroku, explains Heroku’s Total ownership (“if you build it, you wear a pager”) and their Incident response management framework that is initiated whenever an engineer gets paged. That same engineer will become incident commander and be in charge of coordinating the entire response.