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With auto-assignments, Opbeat automatically assigns errors to the responsible developer. The responsible developer is the person who last worked on the code which caused the error to occur.

If you have set up release tracking, error logging and integrated with a Git repo we have the information necessary to deduce what caused the error to occur, and who last worked on the code that caused the error. Based on this, we automatically assign that developer to the error group so that he or she can fix it.

Sane default notification settings help your team manage the noise so only the developer who is automatically assigned to the error will get notified of its occurrence.

If we cannot match the git information to an Opbeat user, if the git information is unavailable, or if the code on the servers does not match what we expected according to release tracking, we fall back to not assigning the error to anyone, meaning everyone typically will get the notification.

Disabling auto-assignments

If auto-assignments do not fit your workflow you can easily disable this feature on a per app basis. Simply go to settings for your app and scroll down to “Auto-assignment settings” and toggle the switch.