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Notification settings

You can apply notification settings for your user profile across all organizations you are a member of. You can also choose not to be automatically subscribed to notifications for newly-created apps.

The default setting is to be auto-subscribed to notifications from new apps. If you turn the auto-subscription off, when any team member creates a new app, you will not get any notifications from the new app.


Notification settings that affect your user profile at the organization level are available when clicking the organization name in the list on the left.

Currently, the only option available under the organization settings is Vacation mode.


To change which notifications you get from an app running on Opbeat, click the name of the app in the list on the left.


The default settings for new apps enable both email and push notifications for activities on error groups that are both assigned to you and assigned to no one.

You can also choose to get notifications about activities on all errors, even the ones assigned to other team members, or only those assigned to you. Finally, you can also turn off notifications for activities on errors.


The default setting for releases is to get notified about activities on all releases. That means you get notified about all new releases as well as any comments your team members post on releases. You may also choose only to be notified when there is activity on a release you have contributed to.