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What is an app?

An app holds the releases and error groups from your webapp.

Create a new app

When you sign up for Opbeat, and have created an organization, you can create your first app. Then choose a name, stack, and deployment method.

After you have set up you first app, you can add another by clicking the organization and app name in the upper left corner. Then click “+ New app” at the end of the list.

If you have a staging setup for your webapp, we recommend you append the app name with “-staging” (or similar) that makes sense for your setup. That way, you can have an app for each environment (“Webapp-production”, “Webapp-staging” etc.).

App settings

You can find the app settings by clicking the cog wheel in the upper right corner. The app needs to be selected before you can change the app settings.

On the app settings page, you can check the release tracking and error logging setup, as well as Git integration. Your keys and tokens for the app are also located here.

You will also find the general (app name, deployment method and stack) as well as alarm settings there.

Should you want to delete the app, you can do so too.