Opbeat is joining forces with Elastic – Learn more about Elastic APM

Opbeat is joining forces
with Elastic.

Opbeat is shutting down on May 24, 2018.

Learn more about Elastic APM

Inspect in production

Opbeat is like the inspector, but understandable and in production.

Reduce load times - and bounce rates

Single-page apps has led to an increased demand in loading gifs.

Use the Opbeat performance breakdown to decrease your customers' time to first interaction.

Build better single-page apps

The Opbeat agent automatically profiles route changes and interactions, so you can see
exactly what your application is spending its time on and how to make it faster.

Faster Node.js endpoints

The Opbeat agent also profiles SQL queries, MongoDB, redis, external http requests and custom transactions, so your Node.js endpoints never slows down your app.

Built for developers

We obsess about making it as easy and fast as possible to install Opbeat. Choose stack below to see how you can get started in minutes.

JavaScript Frontend
Node.js backend

npm install opbeat-react
import initOpbeat from 'opbeat-react'; initOpbeat({ orgId: '<ORGANIZATION-ID>', appId: '<APP-ID>', });

Performance alerts

Get alerts on email or via notifications on Slack.

Great error logging

Opbeat catches exceptions, too. With source maps support and git annotated stacktraces.

Blazing fast agents

The agents automatically gathers performance metrics - with virtually no overhead.

Your data is safe

Our data is stored on SOC2 compliant infrastructure, and you can filter out sensitive information before any data is sent to Opbeat.