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The step after shipping
You probably have a process for deploying your code, but what happens after you ship?
Opbeat extends your existing workflow with an ops platform that works with your code and your team.
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Metrics Releases Errors Workflow
Better together
Simple application performance metrics that let you detect and diagnose problems
before they become critical, and make your code more efficient.
Designed for developers
See how your code performs in near real-time with our simple interface designed for developers.
Less bloat
Sort by impact & quickly pinpoint the most critical issues, and then correlate them with releases.
Changes to your app are tracked as releases, so you can correlate changes in performance
to each release. Just add a single call to your deployment script and you're good to go.
Size & time to release
These simple stats will encourage you to stay sane with incremental increases
Track commits
Everyone can see what’s changed, who changed it & why.

Easily track releases with Heroku's deploy hooks

Get notified in real-time whenever an error occurs in your app and introduce
accountability to your team. You build it, you ship it, you fix it.
Errors are auto-assigned, creating a single point of responsibility and reducing notification noise.
Annotated stacktraces
We pull the actual code into the stacktrace, show you the code that is breaking, and who wrote it.
Opbeat simplifies your workflow by putting all the data in the same place. So you can make
informed decisions about whether to fix the bug that just showed up, assign it to someone
else, or open your laptop on a Friday night.
Better assignment decisions
Simplify the assignment hunt, stop fingerpointyness and focus on fixing things instead.
Designed for real life
Receive mobile alerts and access your complete post shipping workflow without opening your laptop.
Hook us up to the tools that your team already use with rich integration, including custom HTTP hooks for everything.