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Announcing Source Map Support in Node.js

Today we released v4.13.0 of the Opbeat Node.js Agent. It includes an exciting new feature that I’ve been looking forward to releasing for quite a while: Source map support for our Node.js stack. Learn how to prepare your source maps to work well with Opbeat in this blog post.

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How to run an app that uses Babel

I’ve recently been looking into improving the Opbeat support for Babel.

I had noticed that some of our users had issues getting good metrics from their Babel compiled applications, while others didn’t seem to have any issues — so what was the difference?

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Improved Source Maps for frontend errors

We’ve made some changes to our source mapping for frontend JavaScript errors. Previously, we detected whether or not your JavaScript files have source maps in the browser, but this turned out to be unreliable in some cases.

That’s why we decided to move source map discovery into Opbeat itself. This means it should be much more robust going forward.

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Filter on graphs to investigate outliers

We’re excited to start the new year with a new feature. Have you ever looked at the response times graph or the route change times graph for your app and found something interesting you want to dig deeper into? The new graph filter enables you to select a range, or even specific date point, in the graphs, so you can isolate the data on the page for a particular oddity.

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