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The evolution of a startup stack, by Siavash Ghorbani

Siavash Ghorbani, CTO & co-founder of Tictail, explains the evolution of the Tictail stack, and walks us through the technical decisions behind scaling a 4-person startup to an ecommerce platform that hosts over 70,000 ecommerce stores.

This talk was recorded at our devops masterclass event co-hosted with Tictail in Stockholm.Read on

Data study: When do errors happen?

Every developer has shipped memorable errors in their code, it’s part of the job description and the learning curve. But are there any trends for when these errors occur? Is there a link between the number of releases made and the number of errors generated? And how does it fit with the working hours of the development team?

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Give $100, get $100

We have just released our referral program! So, if you like Opbeat, let your friends know about us and we will give them $100 when they sign up. If they subscribe to a plan, we will give you $100 too!

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Get to work on your errors

Today, we shipped an update to the error group list page, making it even easier to get an overview of who is responsible for which error groups. This is important as knowing who is in charge of fixing an error increases the accountability on the team and ultimately creates a better development flow.Read on

Designing metrics for developers

At Opbeat, we constantly think about how we can help developers better understand how their app is performing, which issues an app has, and how pressing they are. And for a long time, we have thought that developers deserve a better, simpler solution for application performance metrics. Something that is built for developers not system administrators, and easy to use by solo developers and teams alike.Read on