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Startup care package: 5 apps we use at Opbeat

At Opbeat, we try to outsource as much as we can in order to focus exclusively on building out and improving our core product. Therefore we love well-crafted services that help us get stuff done. Here are 5 apps we love and use, every day.

All 5 apps are part of the sweet Startup care package that offers a great bundle for startups with more than 35 apps and $4,000 worth of goodies, for free. Opbeat is part of the package, too.

At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to grab your free bundle.

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Data study: When do errors happen?

Every developer has shipped memorable errors in their code, it’s part of the job description and the learning curve. But are there any trends for when these errors occur? Is there a link between the number of releases made and the number of errors generated? And how does it fit with the working hours of the development team?

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