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Opbeat <3 Thomas

Thomas Watson has been a part of the Opbeat journey for a while albeit on a part time basis. So we’re superbly excited to have him join Opbeat full time.

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Opbeat <3 Ju

I’m thrilled to welcome Júnia (Ju) to Opbeat! Ju is taking over the frontend at Opbeat where she’ll be working on new features and making sure the Opbeat interface is a pleasure to use and interact with.

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Colors and contrast

We have updated the colors and contrast of the performance metrics graphs. This is the first step in a process to improve legibility and highlight the important information and actions in your apps.

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Opbeat <3 Juan

I’m very excited to welcome Juan Álvarez to our team. Juan will join our backend team to focus on developing new features and helping us fix bugs as well as work on our module for Python, where he has already started to contribute!

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What's new in Django 1.9

Django 1.9 has recently been released, but what’s new? We took some time to go through some of the more prominent features.

Each larger release of Django includes a multitude of features, fixes and the like. In the following we will take a look at some of the more prominent features of the Django 1.9 release.

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