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Rasmus Makwarth is co-founder and CEO of Opbeat. Rasmus is passionate about making the life of developers more productive, and consumes substantial amounts of coffee.

Opbeat <3 Dorte

We’re so happy to welcome Dorte Rosenbom to the Opbeat team. As our new Operations Manager, Dorte will take the reins of our day-to-day operations, make sure the office is in good shape and help ensure that the team is fully caffeinated at all times.

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Opbeat joins the Node.js Foundation

We’re excited and proud to have joined the Node.js Foundation as a Silver Member and we look forward to working with the Foundation to help advance the development of the Node.js platform and grow and support the community.

You can read the official announcement here. I also did a Q&A on why we joined, why we’ve built Opbeat for Node.js and why we think Node.js is important to both the developer community as well as the enterprise.

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Opbeat <3 Vanja

Vanja has been with us since the very beginning. Actually, he was our very first employee when he joined a very young Opbeat as frontend web developer back in early 2013. In fact, Vanja joined us before we even had a website or a blog, and therefore we’ve never officially welcomed him on here. Obviously, we can’t have that, so we’re fixing that today.

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Opbeat <3 Casper

We’re stoked to welcome Casper Hübertz as our new Visual Designer! We’ve been fans of Casper’s work for a while and can’t wait to work with him full-time.

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Startup care package: 5 apps we use at Opbeat

At Opbeat, we try to outsource as much as we can in order to focus exclusively on building out and improving our core product. Therefore we love well-crafted services that help us get stuff done. Here are 5 apps we love and use, every day.

All 5 apps are part of the sweet Startup care package that offers a great bundle for startups with more than 35 apps and $4,000 worth of goodies, for free. Opbeat is part of the package, too.

At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to grab your free bundle.

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Give $100, get $100

We have just released our referral program! So, if you like Opbeat, let your friends know about us and we will give them $100 credit when they sign up. If they subscribe to a plan, we will give you $100 credit too!

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Opbeat <3 Watson

We are very happy to welcome Thomas Watson to Opbeat as open source contributor. He has been a pleasant addition to the team during our recent SF trip and has been in our Slack channels for some time now.

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Opbeat <3 Tom

We’re stoked to welcome Tom Stenson to Opbeat! Tom is our new Head of Marketing and will be leading and managing our expanding marketing efforts.

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Opbeat <3 Klaudia

We are delighted to welcome Klaudia Flakiewicz to the Opbeat team! Klaudia is our new Operations manager and she will make sure we stay, erhm, get properly organized as well as keeping the office in good shape. Read on

Introducing iOS app and alarms

Today we have released our mobile app, so you can receive notifications while on the go. The app is free and is now available in the iTunes app store.

Mobile is a very big part of our vision and future roadmap. Making sure your web app works is a 24/7 job and coordination with your co-workers needs to work seamlessly wherever you are. Read on

Opbeat <3 Åke

We’re proud to welcome Åke Brattberg to the team! Åke is a very experienced and talented designer and he’ll make sure Opbeat looks stunning. Åke will be working remotely from Gothenburg, Sweden.

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New graphics

In August we spent some time going over the navigation of the site. The result was more simple and intuitive. However, visually the app still felt heavy and out-dated. We want Opbeat to feel simple, robust and fast. In other words, we had work to do.

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Opbeat <3 Mark

We’re very excited to welcome Mark Jensen to the Opbeat crew! Mark is our new Product Designer and he’ll make sure Opbeat is easy to get started with, and a joy to use.

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Navigation and IA redesign

We’ve spent the past month going over the navigation, IA and design of Opbeat. As we’re into shipping small releases often we decided a big “2.0” design update was out of the question. The design will be evolving constantly anyway.

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Investing in Opbeat

Twelve months ago we set out to change the life of developers for the better.

Today we’re taking another step forward in announcing that we’ve raised $2.7MM in Series A funding from Balderton Capital.

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Fuck it, ship it.

Is it time?

We’ve been developing Opbeat, a hosted web operations center, for some time now and pretty soon we’ll be sending out invitations to our brave beta testers. It’s exciting - and terrifying! If you’re web entrepreneur you know how it goes.

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Join the Opbeat Private Alpha

Opbeat is defining how we do web ops. We want to empower developers doing web operations, devops, in an era where traditional operations are increasingly outsourced to the cloud. To really succeed we need feedback. We’re looking for an early batch of alpha testers from Internet companies that use Python in their web stack to join the Opbeat Private Alpha.

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