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Coffee Break

The agony of mobile logins

Can you guess how long it takes an engineer to type a 60 character password into an iPhone?

Too damn long.

Good password practices are a key part of both personal and professional data security, but actually typing a large number of variable-case letters, numbers and symbols into a password field on a mobile phone is a time-consuming and error-prone process. We are simply spending far too much of our lives just logging into things.

Logging in to things is agonizing on mobile, and it is even more painful if you use good passwords. To help ease this pain we have added two new features to our iPhone app.

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iOS, the human workflow, and drunken collaboration

As developers, we have watched with knowing and wide eyes as the technological world around us has evolved. Somewhere along the way, a few bright souls realized something crazy – developers are people, just like the users of the software we create. And suddenly, no longer were the trappings of geekdom limited simply to the dark sorceries of the command line. Our tools have evolved, and we along with them.

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Friday Links, Week 97

This week, the whole team has been hard at work, updating both some general things in Opbeat (information architecture, how we handle notifications and the like), and the more specific stuff as well, like getting under the skin of how to group errors and display them (it is not the straight forward task it sounds like, but that’s alright).

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