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Opbeat <3 Tereza

We’re delighted to welcome Tereza to the Opbeat team. As a frontend developer, Tereza is already hard at work fixing bugs and bringing new features to life.

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Opbeat <3 Dorte

We’re so happy to welcome Dorte Rosenbom to the Opbeat team. As our new Operations Manager, Dorte will take the reins of our day-to-day operations, make sure the office is in good shape and help ensure that the team is fully caffeinated at all times.

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Opbeat joins the Node.js Foundation

We’re excited and proud to have joined the Node.js Foundation as a Silver Member and we look forward to working with the Foundation to help advance the development of the Node.js platform and grow and support the community.

You can read the official announcement here. I also did a Q&A on why we joined, why we’ve built Opbeat for Node.js and why we think Node.js is important to both the developer community as well as the enterprise.

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Opbeat <3 Vanja

Vanja has been with us since the very beginning. Actually, he was our very first employee when he joined a very young Opbeat as frontend web developer back in early 2013. In fact, Vanja joined us before we even had a website or a blog, and therefore we’ve never officially welcomed him on here. Obviously, we can’t have that, so we’re fixing that today.

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Opbeat <3 Thomas

Thomas Watson has been a part of the Opbeat journey for a while albeit on a part time basis. So we’re superbly excited to have him join Opbeat full time.

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Opbeat <3 Ju

I’m thrilled to welcome Júnia (Ju) to Opbeat! Ju is taking over the frontend at Opbeat where she’ll be working on new features and making sure the Opbeat interface is a pleasure to use and interact with.

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Opbeat <3 Juan

I’m very excited to welcome Juan Álvarez to our team. Juan will join our backend team to focus on developing new features and helping us fix bugs as well as work on our module for Python, where he has already started to contribute!

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