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A fresh look, and lots of improvements

Today, we released an update aimed at making it easier to navigate your apps, as well as defining the settings and notifications for them, so you get just what you need, when you need it.

Easier navigation

Organizations and apps

Better navigation for your organizations and apps

Whether you use Opbeat with your team mates at work, for your own projects or both, navigating to the right app should be easy, without looping in and out of silos.

Today‚Äôs release consolidates the organization and app navigation in one easy button. It is always in the upper left corner, so you know where to find your way.


All the settings

With this release we are consolidating the location of all of your Settings as well. Just click the cog wheel in the upper right corner, and everything is right there.

Updated notification settings

Notification settings

When you do a new release of your web app, an error might occur. It happens. Then you fix it, and all is good again. Except when it regresses, and might even trigger an alarm. That is quite a few notifications, and while you will may actually want to get notified about all of this, it should be on your terms.

You have always been able to control your Notification Settings, but with this release, we are making it easier to choose exactly which media you will get notifications on, for which apps, or even if you want to turn off an entire feature all together.

Fresh looks

What a paint job!

The fresh coat of paint on the header was probably the first thing you noticed, but there are a few more visual changes around the place.

We updated the email design as well, and made sure it ties in nicely with the rest of the site.

Look at those emails!

We are really happy with these improvements, and hope you are too.

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