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A little change goes a long way

In December, we did an update on some new graphics, and since then, we’ve been hard at work making even more improvements to the looks and works of Opbeat.

Improved onboarding

I joined the Opbeat team in December, and one of the things we knew we had to look at right away, was how people getting started with Opbeat set up Release Tracking and Error Logging.

After going to great lengths coming up with a complete remodelling of the onboarding flow, we found that what we needed, was just to use the Stream a little better.

I set up “My Little App” today in a matter of minutes, to show you how it looks:

Stream with onboarding items


One of the other things we’re really happy about, is notifications. They’re as fast as you’d expect, and they help you know what’s happening with your apps.

Here, you can see how they notified me of the Releases I did with My Little App:

Notifications for My Little App

Update on the Release details page

Because I’m not a developer, but just a measly designer, my web app creation skills halt to a grind shortly after setting up an app on Heroku (in this case it’s even just a PHP app (I know, I know—ugh)).

But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in what is going on with my apps, and having set up GitHub integration, I can see everything I’m interested in.

Release Tracking has always been a cornerstone of Opbeat, and to make you even more aware of exactly what changed, who changed it, and how long they spent on it, we’ve updated the page looks:

Release number 3 for My Little App

You should try Opbeat for your team, and feel free to get in touch.

About the author
Mark Jensen is a product designer and code enthusiast who runs to eat.
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