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Announcing the Opbeat add-on for Heroku

Today we’re happy to announce that we’re bringing Opbeat APM to Heroku as an add-on.

Provision it from the Resources page for your app, or directly from the CLI using this simple command:

heroku addons:create opbeat

We’ve spent a lot of time on this, and collaborated closely with the Heroku team to make sure this is state of the art in the add-on store. That means getting started is straightforward and working with Opbeat APM as an add-on is as delightful as possible.

For starters, we’re continuously syncing the collaborators list from your app to the Members list on Opbeat, so the people working on the app have access when they need it. They just login through your app’s Dashboard page on Heroku to get access.

We’re also bringing over the name of your app from Heroku to Opbeat. This means your review apps will have instant access to Opbeat, and use the exact same name as in your Heroku Pipeline.

You can easily get started with the Free plan that includes 100,000 transactions/month and scale as you go. All of the plans are available on the Opbeat APM add-on page on Heroku.

The Opbeat APM add-on is Heroku’s add-on of the month, and you can read more about how to use Opbeat with your app in the documentation on the Heroku Dev Center.

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