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Better Slacking with Opbeat

We love Slack. Like, a lot. A big part of our internal communication relies on Slack’s inline GIF-loading, but almost as important for us is another of Slack’s killer features: an almost endless list of integrations.

Slack support!

It has been possible to integrate Opbeat with Slack for quite a while using our slack-hook, and we have used it ourselves for months. But setting up the Slack webhook was a bit too tedious, plus you had to run it yourself (even if running it on Heroku is just one click away), and the information we could show was limited.

Not anymore. Starting today, Opbeat integrates natively with Slack. To set it up, just go to the settings page of your app on Opbeat, click on the “Slack” button, authorize with Slack and you’re all set.

Once everything is set up, we will start sending messages to your preferred Slack channel for the following: new releases, new errors, regressions, alarms, when somebody marks an error as fixed or re-opens it and when somebody makes a comment.

Release Alarms Marked as fixed A comment

Our goal when designing these messages was to make them concise, yet still contain enough useful information to keep the conversation going. Every message is linked to Opbeat, so if you need to dive in, it is right there at your finger tips.

We hope you like this integration with Slack as much as we do, and we can not wait to hear your feedback!

About the author
Benjamin Wohlwend is a member of Opbeat's engineering team. When his bicycle is not being stolen he is also a keen cyclist. If you have any suggestions, feature requests or have seen his bicycle, you can reach him at benjamin@opbeat.com.
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