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Bitbucket support is here!

You can now connect Opbeat to Bitbucket or any other Git repository accessible via SSH. This means you can now hook up to Bitbucket’s code management for teams, and benefit from unlimited private repositories, competitive pricing and advanced spooning.

Bitbucket support!

For simplicity our authentication is still powered by GitHub, but once inside the Opbeat app, you will now see some new Git integration tabs: GitHub, Bitbucket and ‘Others’ (any other Git repository accessible via SSH). It should take less than a minute to setup, and here is what it looks like:

Bitbucket setup screen!

Why we use Git

Opbeat integrates with your codebase through Git. We use this integration to show you the commits that make up a release, and display the information you see in our annotated stacktrace. In short it makes our error reports and performance metrics much more useful.


We’re also launching support for any Git repo that is accessible through SSH. That includes most installations of Atlassian Stash, Beanstalk, Fog Creek Kiln, GitHub Enterprise and GitLab.

About the author
Víðir Valberg Guðmundsson is an Opbeat engineer, organiser of the Copenhagen Django Meetup group and founder of the internet political think tank, Bitbureauet.

He is currently owning the office fitbit challenge.

If you have any suggestions or feature requests for our web client, you can reach him at vidir@opbeat.com.

You can follow him on Twitter or GitHub.