DevOps Master Class + Opbeat Launch in SF

Two years ago we set out to build Opbeat. Traditional ops was increasingly getting outsourced to the cloud and developers were finding themselves working two jobs: Developing new features and doing ops. Two jobs is hard. Especially as ops is 24/7. Even worse when considering the existing ops toolbox: Self-hosted, custom-built tools, fragmented datasets and broken ad-hoc coordination when issues occurred.

This could be better, we thought. We wanted to empower developers to do great ops by building an integrated ops platform, designed for developers on cloud infrastructure.

Launching Opbeat

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On Friday we took a big step towards fulfilling our vision by launching Opbeat out of beta. We are very excited to share our hard work with you! Our vision covers a huge area, so we have started with the most critical parts: Today, Opbeat helps you track code changes, debug errors smarter than ever before, coordinate with your team and stay alert on the go with our iOS app. Opbeat is priced per seat and is free for small teams. Get started now.

When we set out to build Opbeat, we started off by going on a extensive research trip to interview some of the brightest ops people, CTOs and engineers about ops, devops, tools, coordination, knowledge sharing and best practices. The insights we gained on this trip is what we are now building into Opbeat, so the next generation of developers can start new projects with the help of an ops platform enabling them to focus entirely on building out their core product.

Great talks

In the spirit of our research trip we decided, what better way to launch Opbeat than to host a DevOps Master Class with talks by some of the smart people we met and learned from when researching for Opbeat.

The stunning Gallery 16 in San Francisco was the venue of the Master Class. We kicked off we talks by Michael Friis (Product Manager, Heroku), then Mike Krieger (co-founder, Instagram) and lastly Andreas Ehn (Ex-CTO, Spotify) before we demoed Opbeat ourselves and hung out with the cool people that showed up.

We could not have been more thrilled with the event and I want to thank everyone who showed up and gave us great feedback and encourgement!

The talks were all video taped and we will release them as soon as we get them ready.

Now back to work.

Here is a few photos from the event by @photo. More shots here.

Photo #1

Mikkeller beers being had

Photo #2

Michael Friis, PM at Heroku, gave the first talk about ops ownership and incident response at Heroku

Photo #3

Mike Krieger, co-founder Instagram, talked about scaling and accountability at Instagram

Photo #4

Andreas Ehn, Ex-CTO Spotify, talked about factoring out common components

Photo #5

After the talks

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Speakers and the Opbeat team

New Opbeat homepage

Our new homepage

New iOS mobile app

Our updated and much improved iOS app.

Updated Docs

Our updated documentation.

About the author
Rasmus Makwarth is co-founder and CEO of Opbeat. Rasmus is passionate about making the life of developers more productive, and consumes substantial amounts of coffee.
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