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Friday Links, Week 97

This week, the whole team has been hard at work, updating both some general things in Opbeat (information architecture, how we handle notifications and the like), and the more specific stuff as well, like getting under the skin of how to group errors and display them (it is not the straight forward task it sounds like, but that’s alright).

To make sure we got off on the right foot, we’ve had Åke in town for an all-hands-on product workshop. These days, having remote workers isn’t a problem, as there are an abundance of ways you can keep connected. Sometimes it’s just great to have everyone in the same room.

But for the daily work with remote colleagues, we’ve found a couple of tools that work well for us:


We’ve used HipChat for a long time, and been happy with that. However, Slack just suits our needs a little better, and especially the mobile apps work like a charm. Impromptu private groups are another gem of a feature that’s really helpful in the every day work.


Redpen is the best way for us to share designs and get feedback from the whole team. Just upload a screenshot of what you’re working on (sometimes it’s from Photoshop, other times it’s running code—it’s just a matter of having something visual to share), and all of your team members can comment on the sections they have input for. There are still a few kinks with the tool, but overall, it’s the best we’ve found so far.

Occam’s razor

Occam’s razor is the theory of, with all things being equal, you should choose the simplest possible solution. It’s a nice reminder, and I found myself reading up on it this week to ensure we’re on the right track with especially the information architecture work we’re doing at the moment.

Scaling Asana.com

Asana published a great blog post the other day about how their content sites are based on markdown files, and version controlled with Git. This enables everyone to make easy changes to the copy, and see their staging server update in real-time.

Adam Wiggins’ Heroku values

We’re growing the team here at Opbeat, and going from two people to four, and on to six, the work flows change. We’re all here because we want to help shape this product, and reading through Adam Wiggins’ Heroku values (again) we’ve made note of some very good advice we’re taking with us.

Friday track

Tomorrow, Moderat will play a show in Copenhagen, and in the wake of all the sun that’s pouring through the windows in our new office, here’s this week’s track:

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