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Fuck it, ship it.

Is it time?

We’ve been developing Opbeat, a hosted web operations center, for some time now and pretty soon we’ll be sending out invitations to our brave beta testers. It’s exciting - and terrifying! If you’re web entrepreneur you know how it goes.

You realize that other people will be seeing your product for the first time and you start to ask yourself a lot of questions: Will people get it? Do we need more features? How about the design? Will people browse the source code and laugh at us for using tables? (Probably)

UPDATE: Added high res. jpg of the poster below.

Earlier this week something happend that made the doubt go away. We realized that we were already using Opbeat to operate Opbeat! Actually we had been doing so for quite some time. It seems crazy that we’d forgotten the fact that Opbeat was already helping us. When you’re head-down you can easily miss the big picture. So, this week we decided to just ship it.

We’ll probably get anxiety attacks before sending out the invitations, but we’re so exciting about finally getting real feedback from actual users. Good or bad. Real user feedback is extremely important in order to learn, so we can keep moving in the right direction.

To remind ourself to keep shipping code we made a poster for our office that says: “Fuck it, ship it.” (After all, we have Opbeat to let us know if things go bad.)

The poster is 100% inspired from the awesome people at Betaworks. Printed by the recommendable Pixartprinting. You can download a high res. jpg version here.

About the author
Rasmus Makwarth is co-founder and CEO of Opbeat. Rasmus is passionate about making the life of developers more productive, and consumes substantial amounts of coffee.
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