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Get notifications about errors on your iPhone

As a developer, it is incredibly important to be able to stay alert on the go. Today, developers are responsible for the code they write, and if the code is acting up, we want to be notified - even when we’re not in the office.

Opbeat already notifies you about errors and releases on your iPhone. This way, you can quickly decide if you need to get off the bus and find a café to fix that bug that just showed up - or whether it can wait until tomorrow.

However, our users have been wanting more information and better options to coordinate with their teams. That is why we are working on a much improved version, and you can help us beta test it.

About the author
Ron Cohen is co-founder and CTO at Opbeat. A founding member of Django Copenhagen, Ron enjoys sharing his experiences with code and ops around the world.
You can follow him on Twitter or GitHub.