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Improved notification emails

While you were on Easter holiday, we shipped a little something to improve your workflow on Opbeat.

Mark notifications as read

We like to keep up to date with our web apps by reading the e-mails Opbeat sends us. We recently had a particularly busy round of shipping and debugging, so logging in to Opbeat, we were met by a three-figure notifications indicator, even though we had already read the notifications in our inbox.

Look at all those notifications that we've already read on e-mail!

Today, we include a sneaky little gif that marks the notification as read on Opbeat, when you read a notification in your e-mail client.

Reading a notification in your inbox now marks the notification as seen in Opbeat

Email preheaders

Marking your notifications as read when you’ve read the email is only one way we have improved the emails we send.

Previously, all emails looked like this:

Old email headers

It is all timestamps and metadata.

Now, however, they look like this, with the information you want displayed front and center:

New email headers

Welcome back!

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