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Introducing contextual information in Performance transactions

We know having the right information at the right time is vital in understanding and fixing a performance issue. Since releasing the updated designs for the Performance pages, we’ve worked on introducing additional context to transactions.

Contextual information in Performance transactions

Today’s update to the Node.js, AngularJS and React modules gives you additional contextual information about your transactions: The time it occurred, the exact URL (incl. parameters) as well as HTTP headers for Node.js, and browser and platform information for AngularJS and React, to name a few.

On top of this, you’re able set custom attributes that you define. That could be user information, or any other type of data that is relevant for your app specifically.


Updating to the latest 3.x version will give you the general context information. In order to set custom attributes, you need to update to 4.x. Learn more in our Node.js documentation.

AngularJS & React

The latest versions of the AngularJS and React modules add support for both the general and custom context information. Read more in our AngularJS docs.

This is a major step for us towards supplying deeper insights on performance issues for your apps, and we’re incredibly excited about this release. Any questions or feedback you might have is very welcome on support@opbeat.com.

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