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Introducing Opbeat for Flask

Since announcing application performance metrics for Django, in July, we’ve been amazed by the response from the Python community. When out on the road talking to Python developers at events and meetups, the top feature request has been the wish to use Opbeat with Flask applications.

In fact, we have been secretly beta testing Flask support with some select customers over the past months. We’re a Python shop first and foremost, so we’re really pleased that we’ve been hearing things like “works flawlessly”, “this is a fantastic tool!” and “will recommend to everyone I know” from developers that we look up to.

Today we are opening up our Flask private beta program to everyone.


For those that have used Opbeat with Django, Opbeat with Flask will work exactly like you would expect. Opbeat will show you the breakdown of how each Flask view spends its time, including all SQL requests, cache calls, template rendering etc. amongst other things.

To get in on the Flask beta, visit our signup page here: https://opbeat.com/flask