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Introducing iOS app and alarms

Today we have released our mobile app, so you can receive notifications while on the go. The app is free and is now available in the iTunes app store.

Mobile is a very big part of our vision and future roadmap. Making sure your web app works is a 24/7 job and coordination with your co-workers needs to work seamlessly wherever you are.

Along with the mobile app we are also releasing alarms, so you get immediate notifications - on mobile or email - when errors start to trend. You can adjust the alarm trigger condition in your app settings.

The mobile app will notify you of new releases, errors and alarms and provide you with details, so you always stay in the loop. (And know when to rush to your computer!)

We have been testing it with a batch of users and it already seems hard to live without. Hopefully this update will help you sleep a little better!

Look at all this space!

About the author
Rasmus Makwarth is co-founder and CEO of Opbeat. Rasmus is passionate about making the life of developers more productive, and consumes substantial amounts of coffee.
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