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Introducing webhooks

We are happy to introduce webhooks, which gives you an easy way to integrate with other tools you and your team use to keep up to date with your webapp.

Webhooks Settings

If you want to set up Slack-integration, follow the guide in github.com/opbeat/slack-hook. It takes you through the steps needed to get up and running—and we got a chance to use the “Deploy to Heroku”-button. Watch out for a blog post detailing our experiences with that. (Hint: We loved it!)

This is what a release looks like:

An Opbeat release in Slack

There is also a guide for setting up HipChat-integration, thanks to our friends at Iconfinder. You will find the guide at github.com/iconfinder/opbeat-hipchat.

Please do note that we are releasing webhooks as an experimental feature, but we hope you will find good use of them, and we would love to see what you come up with!

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