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Opbeat <3 Jakub

We’re super excited to introduce Jakub Roztočil as the newest member of the Opbeat team. Jakub will help us build great developer friendly APIs amongst many other things.

Jakub is originally from Prague and he moved to Copenhagen about four years ago. He runs one of the most popular python projects on GitHub, so he is worth following. Besides hardcore Python stuff, he also loves to dabble with CoffeeScript and everything real-time - he’s really an all-round (nice) guy.

He has already contributed improvements to the opbeatcli and our agents as well as numerous under-the-hood improvements to the Opbeat platform.

Jakub will be joining our resident frontend super hacker Vanja Ćosić (who you should also follow) in writing sweet code, as well as fighting over who has the weirdest accent marks in their last name.

About the author
Ron Cohen is co-founder and CTO at Opbeat. A founding member of Django Copenhagen, Ron enjoys sharing his experiences with code and ops around the world.
You can follow him on Twitter or GitHub.