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Mobile notification actions

Our first mobile update of 2016 is here with a little something to streamline your workflow.

We have wanted to make the process of communicating with your teammates even easier for some time. Now you can choose to comment on (or reply to) any activity right from the lock screen. If you’re using our app on iOS 9, you can even send replies from other apps by pulling downwards on the notification banner and typing your reply.

In addition to making communication easier, we have made it possible to temporarily ignore errors from the lock screen as well. We know you could very well be working hard to fix it already, so if we got you with the first notification, hit the “Ignore for 2h” button, and we will be quiet for the next two hours or until you have marked the error as fixed.

These features are available now on both Android and iOS.

Replying to a notification

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Mark Lloyd Jones is Opbeat's resident Mobile Engineer and all-round party man.
If you have any suggestions or feature requests for our mobile apps you can reach him at jones@opbeat.com.
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