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Opbeat <3 Tereza

We’re delighted to welcome Tereza to the Opbeat team. As a frontend developer, Tereza is already hard at work fixing bugs and bringing new features to life.

Tereza’s first programming gig was doing COBOL on a mainframe, and she’s been eagerly expanding her knowledge of programming languages ever since. Most recently, she’s developed an affection for Elm

Prior to joining Opbeat, Tereza worked at a local consultancy where she built large corporate websites in React. In the coming months, she’ll be working on improving the overall user experience for Opbeat users, as well as some cool new features.

Make sure you follow Tereza on GitHub and Twitter.

Welcome Tereza!

About the author
Ron Cohen is co-founder and CTO at Opbeat. A founding member of Django Copenhagen, Ron enjoys sharing his experiences with code and ops around the world.
You can follow him on Twitter or GitHub.