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Opbeat <3 Vanja

Vanja has been with us since the very beginning. Actually, he was our very first employee when he joined a very young Opbeat as frontend web developer back in early 2013. In fact, Vanja joined us before we even had a website or a blog, and therefore we’ve never officially welcomed him on here. Obviously, we can’t have that, so we’re fixing that today.

For the past months, Vanja has been in a transition from working as a frontend developer to working with our community, and today, on Vanja’s 3rd anniversary, I’d like to officially announce that Vanja will be stepping up as our Community Manager.

This means we’ll get to spend even more of Vanja’s talent on our community, at events, at polishing our docs and doing great customer support. (You’ll see he’s already begun improving our docs.)

I think this is a perfect fit for everyone and I’m excited to kick-off our third year working together this month!

Vanja anniversary Vanja brought cake for his 1 year anniversary at Opbeat!
March 4th, 2014

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