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Refreshing emails

After updating the looks of Opbeat for the web two weeks ago, we have been busy working on making other parts of the Opbeat experience even better.

Specifically, emails needed an update.

A fresh coat of paint on the Opbeat emails

The primary purpose of the emails we send is to give you the information you need to determine if you have to look more closely at something—both champagne-popping Releases and, oftentimes more importantly, new Errors—and that has been front and center during this update.

The velvet details

Besides a fresh coat of paint and more consistency across the email subjects, we:

  1. Added [Error] and [Release] to the subject, so you can easily scan new emails as well as create labels and actions in your mail client
  2. Included a reply-button directly in the comment email—just click the link and you are at the right place
  3. Kept that nice, big button at the top of the email that takes you right into Opbeat if you want all the details right away

The gritty details

It is no secret that the usual cheery mood of front-end developers takes a serious dive when they have to implement new email designs. It is an experience left in the previous decade, but luckily there is a couple of tools that can help you out: Zurb Ink and Litmus are particularly useful in this regard, and we were happy they shaved off some development time.

We hope you will enjoy this update, and we can not wait to show you what is next.

About the author
Mark Jensen is a product designer and code enthusiast who runs to eat.
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