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Startup care package: 5 apps we use at Opbeat

At Opbeat, we try to outsource as much as we can in order to focus exclusively on building out and improving our core product. Therefore we love well-crafted services that help us get stuff done. Here are 5 apps we love and use, every day.

All 5 apps are part of the sweet Startup care package that offers a great bundle for startups with more than 35 apps and $4,000 worth of goodies, for free. Opbeat is part of the package, too.

At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to grab your free bundle.

1) Trello: Trello is an amazingly simple and flexible project management tool, and we have adapted it to our workflows since when we were just two founders who needed a little more structure, to a 10-person team, consisting of multiple enginners, designers and marketeers.

By the way, our product designer Mark wrote a post on how we optimize Trello for a 10-person team.

2) Pusher: Just like Trello, we’ve used Pusher since day one. Pusher is a great service that currently handles all real-time components on Opbeat. We’re very happy customers of Pusher and will stick with their service, so that we can focus on improving the core Opbeat product.

3) Mention: We signed up for Mention not too long ago, and we’re already depending on Mention to let us know when anyone is mentioning Opbeat around the web. It’s a great for monitoring brand awareness and helps us reach out to people who are commenting or asking questions about Opbeat.

4) DigitalOcean: While Opbeat originates from before DigitalOcean and run on AWS, we’re massive fans of DigitalOcean’s simplicity. Earlier we even co-hosted a Devops event with them in New York.

Watch Joonas Bergius’s talk: “Google-scale computing for the people”.

5) Rocketship: Great weekly podcast with 20 minute interviews with successful startup founders about the early days, strategy and growth. Episodes include interviews with Ryan Singer, Des Traynor and Hiten Shah.

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About the author
Rasmus Makwarth is co-founder and CEO of Opbeat. Rasmus is passionate about making the life of developers more productive, and consumes substantial amounts of coffee.
You can follow him on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.