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Tidying up the Stream

We usually try to avoid deploying in the afternoon on Fridays, but we just could not wait to get these updates to the Stream out to you.

The Stream is the first thing you see when you access one of your apps on Opbeat. Recently, we took a closer look at the Stream, as we did not feel it succeeded in giving you a quick impression of what had happened in the past day. It was a little too difficult to get an overview, without having to scroll and decode too much text.

Therefore, we went back to the drawing board and started iterating on the design. We wanted a Stream that shows you the information you need, is easy to comprehend and fast to skim through.

This is the updated look we are shipping today:

The updated Stream look

We have been using the new Stream during the testing period, and we already feel we get a much more detailed overview of what has happened since the last login.

The improved Stream, combined with our new iPhone app, makes it really convenient for us to be on top of things that can happen while we are away from the keyboard.

Log in, have a look, and let us know what you think.

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