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UI update: More room for the important stuff

Yesterday we shipped an update to our user interface that puts focus on the content by getting rid of the sidebar and using the full grid for the important stuff. With the app navigation out of the way, the layout feels much more focused around the data you are diving into.

Updated app navigation - on web and mobile* Updated navigation: Nav in the top, party in the middle

You might also notice some general visual polish as we have cleaned up our style guide - which honestly was getting a bit heavy. By getting rid of unnecessary gradients and shadows, and by upping the contrast on the content, the UI should now feel more clean and prioritized.

We hope you like these changes, and feedback is much appreciated - just hit us up on Twitter @opbeat

About the author
Åke Brattberg is designer at Opbeat.
You can follow him on Twitter or on Dribbble.