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Updated overview pages, and a new feed

We just released an update to two of the seminal pages on Opbeat: Your organization’s overview page, and your app’s overview page. We think they will help you get a better, faster overview of what is going on in your apps.

Organization overview page

The overview page not only looks a little different, now you can quickly see when the latest releases and errors happened in each of your apps. You also get the option of adding a brief description of your app, as well as including a link to it.

App overview page

On your app’s overview page, we have included a graph that shows you what has happened in the last 48 hours. You will see when a release was deployed, if a new error came in, and what the total error count is per hour.


Another change, and a quite big one, is the change to a feed, instead of a stream on your app’s overview page. Streams are good for a chronological understanding of every action that happens in your app, but the context is often lost. With a feed, we put all of the actions underneath the right Releases and Errors, where they belong.

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