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JSConf US Last Call

Inside Chakra by Gaurav Seth and Steve Lucco

Building Interactive npm Command Line Modules -- All The Things by Irina Shestak

Building Your Own Internet of Things: How to Connect All of Your Stuff to the Interwebs by Amy Cheng

Creative Borrowing by Todd Gandee and Glen R. Goodwin

Change the World With the Peer Web and Thali 2015 by Matthew Podwysocki

Transpiling in JS by Francisco Tolmasky

OMG Streams! by Pam Selle

Multiplayer WebVR - Virtual Reality using Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard and WebRTC by Martin Naumann

Building BoroJS by Jed Schmidt

5 Years of Bacon: Every single thing I've learned since JSConf 2010 by Aaron Quint

Good Tech for Hard Places: Fighting Ebola with Javascript Offline Apps by Patricia Garcia

Conquering Fears by Jane Kim

Internet of Cats by Rachel White

The toxic side of free. Or: how I lost the love for my side project by Remy Sharp

A cartoon guide to the wilds of React data handling by Lin Clark

JavaScript the NES by Dustin Long and Andrew Reitano

Painting by Functions by Earle Castledine

JSConf History by Jan Lehnardt

JSConf changed my life by Charlie Robbins