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ngVikings 2017

February 11th-12th, 2017. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Official website: ngvikings.org

Keynote: A Future Without Browsers by Kenneth Auchenberg

Angular OTB: Outside The Browser by Wassim Chegham

Angular Continuous Integration by Raul Jimenez

Angular of Things by Uri Shaked

An Introduction Into Using Angular’s Material Design by Tracy Lee

AngularFire2 and you by Erik Haddad

Step by Step: Improving Startup Performance with Lazy Loading in Angular by Manfred Steyer

Understanding AOT and Dynamic Components in Angular by Sean Landsman

Unleash The Power Of Angular With Patterns by Dmitriy Shekhovtsov

The Secret Life(cycle) of Components by Leonardo Zizzamia

Webpack: The Core Concepts by Sean Larkin

Angular: Beyond the tutorials with tests! by Zackary Chapple

Developing Accessible Cross-platform Apps with NativeScript and Angular by Daniel Freilling and Morten Sjøgren

Forms in Angular by Alex Lakatos

Sharing Code Between Web and Native Apps by Sebastian Witalec

Authenticate your users with Angular by Simona Cotin

Progressively Mobile With Ionic by Sani Yusuf

Keeping untrusted code out of your Angular application by Philippe De Ryck

Building Angular Apps by Thomas Horvath

RxJS - everything is a stream by Christoffer Noring

angular-cli - Coding like a viking by David Müllerchen