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NodeConf Barcelona 2017

April 7th, 2017. Barcelona, Spain.

Official website: barcelona.nodeconf.com

Kill All Humans by Jan Lenhardt

Canary in the gold mine - smoke testing by Myles Borins

Signet: Safely Curl Pipe Bash. No Seriously! by Bryan English

Node.js Character Encodings by Anna Henningsen

knock-knock-who-there-file-compression-talk_FINAL_2.tar.trz.bz2.gz by Irina Shestak

The Node.js Organization: Behind the scenes by William Kapke

Build your own JavaScript powered radio by Thomas Watson

Building a Scalable Pub/Sub system with UpRing by Luca Maraschi

Let’s play with HTTP/2 by Daniela Matos de Carvalho

Using Node in a serverless world… by Logan McDonald

Creating conversational bots with Amazon Lex by Eva Sánchez Guerrero

The Node.js Process, Making decisions that impact a massive ecosystem by James Snell

Node Collaborator Q&A