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Try out Dependency.land

Dependency.land is a new tool we made that lets you find the npm modules that depend on a specific module and semver range. Think of it as a reverse dependency search; instead of finding dependencies, it finds dependents.

What's your favorite npm module?

We interviewed some awesome people at Nodevember and Node.js Interactive and asked them what their favorite npm module is. Here are their answers.

Instrumenting Node.js in Production by Thomas Watson

Node on the Desktop by Evan Morikawa

Deploying & Running Node.js to Production in 2016 by Luke Bond

Happier Test Driven Development with testdouble.js by Justin Searls

Test Everything: My life as well tested code by Jane Kim

The Church and the Bizarre World of NPM by Matthew Podwysocki

Live Coding Tessel 2: Hello World to Web-controlled Device in 20 Minutes by Kelsey Breseman

That escalated quickly! Prototyping IoT with JavaScript by Eirik Morland

Thunder and lightning: the making of a future friendly yr.no by Alexander Pope

Tiny messages for big architectures by Yoshua Wuyts

These go to eleven by Thomas Watson

Things you didn't know you could do with the Travis CI API by Mathias Meyer

Hypermodular development by Mathias Buus

Git Survival Tips: How to Undo and Recover from Your Mistakes by Tobias Günther

Opbeat talks to Dan Silivestru

We sat down with Dan Silivestru (@confusement), CEO and co-founder of bitHound, at Node.js Interactive to talk about how they analyse the quality and overall health of a Node.js project.

Developers are shipping more and more 3rd party code in the form of npm modules and Dan explains why it is important to care about quality and security vulnerabilities even in your dev dependencies.

Jessica Lord takes us through a few of her favorite Electron apps

How we instrument Node.js

One of our core principles is that any Opbeat agent can be installed in minutes, with little to no configuration, and begin giving users valuable insights right off the bat. However, when developing our Node.js module, upholding this principle wasn’t as simple as I had originally hoped.

You Don't Know npm by Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams provides tips and tricks around npm in this Node.js Live presentation. She also provides an overview of Node Together, which is an initiative to improve the diversity of the Node community by bringing people of underrepresented groups together to learn Node.js.

Node.js in the Cloud by Mete Atamel

Mete Atamel, who is a dev advocate at Google for Google Cloud, discusses how to get the best out of your Node.js app on Google Cloud.

Node.js Everywhere by Mikeal Rogers

Mikeal Rogers discusses the growth of Node.js and the direction he predicts that it is heading.

Rethinking Package Management in Node.js by Alexander Gugel

Alexander Gugel talks about rethinking package management in Node.js in this Node.js Live London presentation.

Running Node.js in Production on Linux by Luke Bond

Luke Bond of YLD presents on Node.js deployment patterns.

Node.js Community Benchmarking Efforts by Gareth Ellis

Gareth Ellis, who is a runtime performance analyst at IBM and also a member of the Node.js benchmark working group, provides a brief introduction to benchmarking and performance testing, the different approaches you can take to performance testing, and what to do if you identify an aggression as well as the tools that you can use for benchmarking.

Writing Secure Node.js Code by Josh Emerson

In this Node.js Live presentation, Josh looks at how to mitigate risks when it comes to npm packages.

Finding a memory leak in Node.js by Gergely Németh

Developing a multiplayer asteroids by Bence Dányi

How to write a P2P chat app in Node.js by Mathias Buus

Mathias Buus, (@mafintosh), Node.js hacker and writer of over 350 modules on npm, gives a live demo of how to write a P2P chat app in Node.js.

Make Printers Great Again by Thomas Watson

Opbeat talks to Max Ogden

Maxwell Ogden (@denormalize), Computer Programmer for @dat_project and Cat Photographer at instagram.com/catmapper, talked to us at Node.js Interactive 2015 about how the Dat Project is helping scientists enter the world of open source.

Integrating with npm: A tale of three XHRs by Tim Pettersen

Building distributed offline websites by Mathias Buus

Our good friend Mathias Buus (@mafintosh), mad science hacker and author of over 400 npm modules, gives another great live coding demo. In this talk he explains how to build “actually usable” offline websites with Node.js using LevelDB, hyperlog and WebRTC.

What the web platform can learn from Node.js by Will Binns-Smith

Will Binns-Smith (@wbinnssmith), former Atlassian developer and now Senior Software Engineer at brightweel, explains what frontend web developers can learn from the Node.js and npm ecosystem.

For example how small, focused userland modules allow you to try out new features and APIs before they end up in the browsers (or after they are removed again!).

Johnny-Five live coding with Kassandra Perch

Kassandra Perch (@nodebotanist), Author of Learning JavaScript Robotics, shows us how to get a NodeBot up and running using Johnny-Five.

Nodevember supercut

Opbeat talks to Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson (@getify), Head of Curriculum for @MakerSquare, shares his thoughts on writing code for humans, not for computers.

Opbeat talks to Mathias Buus

Opbeat talks to Laurie Voss

Laurie Voss (@seldo), CTO and co-founder of npm, Inc., sat down with us at Nodevember to talk about what it takes to run the worlds biggest package manager.

Opbeat talks to Patrick Mueller

Patrick Mueller (@pmuellr) is the official cat herder of the Node.js Tracing Working Group and Senior Node Engineer at NodeSource. We met up with him at the Nodevember conference in Nashville, Tennessee and talked about debugging Node.js applications and the work carried out by the Node.js Tracing Working Group.

Hunter Loftis talks about the growth of Node.js on Heroku