Critical issues rarely wait for a convenient time to strike. The Opbeat app keeps your workflow as straight forward as possible, so even at the worst of times you can stay in touch and in control.

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Designed for when you’re AFK

  • Get immediately notified of any issues.
  • Use the detailed error & performance information in your pocket to investigate what’s happening.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues - pass a hint or offer to look into the problem.
  • Decide if you should assign it to a coworker, open your laptop, or can safely ignore the issue.
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Feature comparison

Features iOS v4.x Android v2.x
Push notifications: receive a notification when a new error occurs, or when an error group raises an alarm. Yes Yes
Detailed error information: access the same detailed error group information as on the web Yes Yes
Annotated stacktraces: quickly see who wrote the code that is breaking. Yes Yes
Performance metrics overview: see requests & response times by view and check if your app is performing as expected. Yes Yes
Assignments: can’t make it to your laptop? Assign an error to a coworker. Yes Yes
Comments & history: access the comments and history behind the errors. Yes Yes
Integrated release tracking: see the same detailed information about releases as on the web. Yes Yes
Customize your notification settings, or turn them off completely Yes Yes