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Performance monitoring

Instantly pinpoint performance issues, and optimize your code. Install in minutes.

Product tour
See some of the main features in action.
Getting started
See how easy it is to set up Opbeat for your own app.

Improve app load times

Learn how you can speed up your initial load time by looking at three important KPIs in your page load: Time to First Byte, ReactDOM.Render and Page Completed.

Inspect app behaviour

The Opbeat agent automatically profiles route changes and interactions, so you can see
exactly what your application is spending its time on and how to make it faster.

Outlier detection

See averages and catch outliers by using the time distribution graph.

Contextual information

We measure all interactions, so that you can zoom in on the meta data of slow outliers, like browsers, OS, user information and any custom information you add via the API.

Install in minutes

Simply install the Opbeat module and add the snippet to your app. View full documentation.

npm install opbeat-react
import initOpbeat from 'opbeat-react'; initOpbeat({ orgId: '<ORGANIZATION-ID>', appId: '<APP-ID>', });

Great error logging

Error logging with source maps and automatic error assignment, which leads to fewer notifications.
Opbeat integrates with Git, so we can cross-reference errors with code authors and releases.

Release tracking

Changes to your app are tracked as releases. See exactly who changed each line of code and when those lines were put into production.

Source maps

Using source maps, we’ll reconstruct the original code and show you an unminified version of the stack trace, automatically.

Filter out sensitive data

You can easily filter out any sensitive data, like personal information, before any data is sent to Opbeat.