Performance monitoring
for ReactBETA

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Detailed activity breakdown

Simple performance breakdown that shows you where your app needs optimizing, like
AJAX calls, component rendering and redux dispatches.

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Route change time distribution

Are all render times slow, or just some of them? Visualize how render times are spread out and isolate edge case issues.

Browser distribution

See exactly which browsers are slow and which are fast.

Install in minutes

Simply install the Opbeat module and add the snippet to your app. View full documentation.

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npm install opbeat-react
import initOpbeat from 'opbeat-react'; initOpbeat({ orgId: '<ORGANIZATION-ID>', appId: '<APP-ID>', });

Great error logging

Error logging with source maps and automatic error assignment, which leads to fewer notifications.
Opbeat integrates with Git, so we can cross-reference errors with code authors and releases.


When an error occurs Opbeat automatically assigns it to the developer best placed to fix the error, taking into account who wrote the code and when it was deployed. Dramatically reducing debugging time, cutting noise, and improving your team's workflow.

Release tracking

Changes to your app are tracked as releases. See exactly who changed each line of code and when those lines were put into production.

Source maps

Using source maps, we’ll reconstruct the original code and show you an unminified version of the stack trace, automatically

Improved grouping

We normalize stack traces from different browsers to make sure that the same errors are grouped together

Designed for developers

Opbeat is designed for developers, not ops people. You build it, you ship it, you fix it.

Smart notifications

When errors are picked up by Opbeat, we’ll group them so you get notified when a new error happens and again when an error happens in quick succession.

Snooze or silence alarms

Ignore an error for two hours while you fix it, and silence non-pertinent errors permanently.